General Information
Brother to Brother
MEGHP Itinerary
Capitular Schools of Instruction
  District 1
  District 7S
  1st Tuesday of each month   Date & Time TBA
  Masonic Temple, Room 10   Location TBA
  One North Broad Street,    
  Philadelphia, PA 19107    
Director of Work Carl J. Dunlap 245 Director of Work Jeffery L. Fox 176
Instructors John Lanckowski 183 Instructors Lee B. Hartman 266
  Joseph A. Sbaraglia, Jr 183    

  District 2 District 8
  Date & Time TBA Date & Time TBA
  Location TBA Location TBA
  Steven G. Arnawoodian, DDGHP Director of Work Kenneth A. Reed 241
  TBA Instructors Wilmer E. Hall 246
      Robert W. Klein 182

  District 3   District 8N
  Date & Time TBA   Date & Time TBA
  Location TBA   Location TBA
Director of Work Steven K. Pierson, DDGHP Director of Work David C. Winterstein 194
Instructors TBA Instructors TBA

  District 3W   District 9
  Date & Time TBA   5th Thursday of the month
  Location TBA   Location Rotating
Director of Work George H. Hindson, DDGHP Director of Work Randolph J. Thompson, Jr. 255
Instructors TBA Instructors  

  District 4   District 10
  Meets Quarterly   Date & Time determined by DDGHP
  Location Alternates   Location determined by DDGHP
Director of Work Aaron R. White 203 Director of Work George F. Morrow 273
Instructors James E. Green 203 Instructors Lloyd G. Ward 167
      S. Robert Marziano, Jr. 170
      Edward P. Fair 273
      William D. Oaks 167

  District 5   District 11
  Date & Time TBA   1st Wed.in Mar, Apr, Sep, Oct & Nov
  Location TBA   Greater Pittsburgh Masonic Center
      3579 Masonic Way, Pittsburgh, PA 15237
Director of Work Eric C. Stahley, DDGHP Director of Work John J. Colaianne, DDGHP
Instructors Wilmer P. Quick 219 Instructors Charles M. Bombich 217
      Roger Zrimsek 268
      Craig F. Kern 300

  District 6   District 12
  5th Friday of the month   3rd Thur.in Jan, Mar, May, Sep, & Nov
  Location TBA   Uniontown Masonic Building
      Pittsburgh & Peter Streets,
      Uniontown, PA 15401
Director of Work Bernard S. Golubiewski 182 Director of Work John H. Friend 165
Instructors TBA Instructors James R. Flanigan 150
      John A. Habel, Jr. 164

  District 7N   District 14
  Date & Time TBA   Date & Time TBA
  Location TBA   Location TBA
Director of Work Jeffery L. Fox 176 Director of Work Richard A. Balas, DDGHP
Instructors Albert W. Miller 238 Instructors TBA