General Information
Brother to Brother
MEGHP Itinerary
COMMITTEES 2017-2018
Committee on Jurisprudence   Interview and Selection Committee  
     Charles R. Nebel      Paris D. Alunni
     A. James Bryden      Wayne C. Faupel
     Norman E. Flaherty      George F. Morrow
     Ronald L. Pennell      Robert J. Burns
     Leon B. Byers      Michael W. Klinger
     Howard E. Dobmeier
     Paris D. Alunni Committee on Constitution
     Richard B. Meredith      Paris D. Alunni
     Charles L. Klingaman      Wayne C. Faupel
     Wayne C. Faupel      Michael W. Klinger
     Geroge F. Morrow      George F. Morrow
          Robert J. Burns

Committee on Appeals   Committee on Grand Chapter Endownment  
     Richard B. Meredith (Companion of Triple Triangle)  
     Paris D. Alunni      Martin L. Moses
     Wayne C. Faupel      Aaron R. White

     Gerard R. Sealy
Committee on By-Laws        Wayne C. Faupel
     Michael W. Klinger      Michael W. Klinger
     Richard A. Balas      S. Robert Marziano, Jr.
     Randolph J. Thompson, Jr.       
     Louis E. Starniri       

Committee on Charity   Committee on Long Range Planning  
     A. James Bryden      Robert J. Burns
     Steven L. Gee      Michael W. Klinger
     Richard K. Sbarro      Jason Craig
     William J. Glassmire      Eric C. Stahley
            Louis E. Starniri

Grand Chapter Charitable Foundation (Trustees)   Committee on Membership  
     Wayne C. Faupel      Michael W. Klinger
     S. Robert Marziano, Jr.      Eric C. Stahley
     Michael A. Sienkiewicz      Matthew S. Teter

     William J. Glassmire
Committee on Corespondence        Jason F. Craig
     George F. Morrow      All other DDGHP
     Mark A. Haines
     Michael W. Klinger Committee on York Rite Coordination  
     Robert J. Burns      Robert J. Burns

     Michael W. Klinger
Committee on Finance        Jason F. Craig
     Paris D. Alunni      Matthew S. Teter
     Wayne C. Faupel
     S. Robert Marziano, Jr. Committee on Internet Communication  
     Robert J. Burns and Social Media  
     Michael W. Klinger      Jason Craig

     Eric C. Stahley
Committee on Printing and Publishing        Aaron White
     Leon B. Byers      George H. Hindson
     Robert J. Burns
     Louis E. Starniri Committee on Ritual and Regalia  
     C. Russell Stark      Michael W. Klinger
          All Grand Instructors
          All DDGHP

Interview and Selection Committee   Committee on Youth Activities (Scholarships,  
     Paris D. Alunni Order of DeMolay, Rainbow, Jobs Daughters)  
     Wayne C. Faupel      Thomas Labaugh
     George F. Morrow      John J. Colaianne
     Robert J. Burns      Norman E. Flaherty
     Michael W. Klinger      Steven G. Arnawoodian
            Eric C. Stahley